Weekly Journal #1


Jharrel Jerome Nominated for Emmy (Remezcla) 

How the indie studio behind ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Hereditary’ flourished while breaking Hollywood rules (The Washington Post) 

Is It Possible To Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens? (Cosmopolitan) 


Universal Cancels Upcoming Movie The Hunt After Presidential Tweetstorm (Slate) 

Does Seth Rogen’s ‘Good Boys’ take Kid’s Comedy Too Far? (The Guardian) 


‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 Set to Return at Netflix (Deadline) 

‘Euphoria’ Renewed for Season 2 at HBO (Deadline) 

‘Succession’ is Back, and Better than Ever (The Ringer) 


In the Trump era, a Comedy Podcast About Conspiracy Theories Finds a Home in the Mainstream (LA Times) 

Barack and Michelle Obama Make New Podcast Deal with Spotify (Salon) 

‘Crimetown’ Season 2 Will Dig into Detroit’s Corruption (Vulture) 

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Jamie Loftus has written for Playboy, Vulture and Paste magazine, and received a write-up in Forbes calling her a comedian under thirty to watch. She is currently at Edinburgh performing her one-woman show Boss Whom is a Girl, spoofing CEOs of companies like Theranos and tech start-up culture in general. 

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