Weekly Journal #4


Warner Bros CEO Ann Sarnoff Weighs In At Town Hall On Studio Culture, HBO Max, John Stankey Promotion, More (Deadline) 

Russian Election Hacking in 2020 Could Easily Be Much Worse Than 2016 

(NY Magazine) 

The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran (New York Times) 

The Jeremy Renner App was Too Good for This World (Polygon) 


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Co-Writer Left Sequel After Learning White Male Colleague Earned Around 10 Times Her Salary (Jezebel) 

The Planets, the Stars and Brad Pitt (New York Times) 


Multiple Netflix Series Will Now Drop Episodes Weekly Instead of All at Once (Complex) 


Introducing ‘Read Like the Wind’, a New Monthly Newsletter Full of Books, Glorious Books (Vulture) 

Margaret Atwood’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Sequel Is a Giddy Thrill Ride (Vox) 


Adam McKay and Three Uncanny Four Productions are launching a Jeffrey Epstein podcast (AV Club) 

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Milkshake Duck: What It Is and Why It’s Coming For Us All (Vox) 

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John Wells