Weekly Journal #5


Superfans: A Love Story (The New Yorker) 

How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (The New Yorker) 

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me on YouTube! (Vice) 


JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Closes WarnerMedia Megadeal (Deadline) 

Joker’s Throwback Vision is Derivative, but at Least it Brings Something New to Superhero Cinema (The A.V. Club) 


In Australia, Television Content Designed for Your Phone (New York Times) 

The End of the Backend? Disney Wants to Limit Profit Participation on its New TV Shows (Los Angeles Times) 


'She Said' Documents The Reporting Leading To Harvey Weinstein's Arrest (NPR) 

New Book Focuses on Jackie Kennedy’s Years as a Reporter (Washington Post) 


Plane-Crash Podcast ‘Passenger List’ Podcast Is Ready for Takeoff (Vulture) 

Dateline’s Keith Morrison Is Hosting a True-Crime Podcast (Vulture) 

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Five Hilarious Women Everyone Should Check Out (Funny or Die) 

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