Weekly Journal #7


 ‘Do Us a Favor’: Calls Shows Trump’s Interest in Using U.S. Power for His Gain (New York Times) 

How Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Became a U.F.O. Researcher (New York Times) 


 Studio Trigger's First Film 'Promare' Is a Bright and Bold Must-See Anime (Thrillist) 

How an Indie Film About Black Female Superheroes Might Get a Second Chance on Television (Washington Post) 


C. J. Cregg and the Illusions of The West Wing (The Atlantic) 

How a New Class of Trans Male Actors Are Changing the Face of Television (Time) 

I Used to Clean Houses. Then I Hired a Maid. (The Atlantic) 

Dick Wolf Refashions His Company for Digital Era (Variety) 

Has Netflix Killed Off The Cliffhanger? (The Guardian) 

Video Games 

The Dogs in ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Are Going to Kill You (Vulture) 

'Control' Feels Like What Would Happen if David Lynch Made a Video Game (Time) 


The Lumineers Trace The Cycle Of Addiction: 'It's A Progressive Disease' (NPR) 

Fiona Apple Is Still Calling Bullshit (Vulture) 

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Meet 10 Emerging Writers Who Just Won the 2019 Whiting Award (The Cut) 

Nafissa Thompson-Spires: ‘I Wanted to See More Stories About Nerdy Black People’ (The Guardian) 

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