Weekly Journal #8


 What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane (The Atlantic) 

Parents Paid to Open College Doors. Now They’re Spending to Limit Prison Time. (New York Times)


 Todd Phillips’s “Joker” Is No Laughing Matter (The New Yorker) 

Nice Boy Tom Holland Allegedly Saved The Sony-Disney Spider-Man Deal (Polygon) 

Constance Wu’s Hollywood Destiny (The New Yorker) 

Netflix, You Have a Problem: ‘The Irishman’ Is Too Good (The Guardian) 

Coming Soon: Inside the Battle to Find the Right Movie Release Date (Variety) 


 The Faces Behind HBO Max’s Upcoming Projects (IndieWire) 

Short Clips, Big Risk: This Mysterious Startup Wants To Turn Streaming On Its Head (CNN) 

Facebook Watch and the Emotion-Harvesting Future of Television (Wired) 

Why Public Television Isn’t The Right Model For Social Networks (Forbes) 


 The Comedy Problem (Complex) 

Todd Phillips Thinks Cancel Culture Ruined Comedy. Maybe He’s Just Not Funny Anymore. (Esquire) 

The 10 Influential Comedy Podcasts That Changed the Genre (Vulture) 

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Variety Announces 10 Comics to Watch for 2019 (Variety) 

Chris Fleming is going beyond ‘Gayle’ (Boston Globe) 

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